Developing Minds: Critical Thinking in Curriculum Transfer - Chas Desjarlais and Amy Parent

Developing Minds: Critical Thinking in Curriculum Transfer

Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Critical Thinking

Chas Desjarlais and Amy Parent

Recent changes in the BC education curriculum introduced Philosophy 12 as a high school subject and established Critical Thinking as a core teaching approach throughout K-12 classrooms. Students benefit from a rich community of inquiry that promotes deeper understanding of curriculum content and equips them with valuable life skills. School systems already using this approach have documented success using a number of outcome metrics.

Critical thinking skills transfer readily from the classroom into post-secondary education, and beyond. Not only do they enhance learning outcomes but students also gain a competitive advantage in the job market by acquiring skills in critical, creative and collaborative thinking frequently sought by modern employers.

Developing Minds: Critical Thinking in Curriculum Transfer seeks to open up discussion among provincial education stakeholders keen to explore how teaching critical thinking in K-12 classrooms transfers into post-secondary education for student benefit. 

Simon Fraser University presents a day of roundtable discussion and keynote presentations on teaching critical thinking within BC’s education system, with a focus on optimizing curriculum transfer between secondary and post-secondary institutions. Attendees will hear from keynote speakers with direct experience of introducing K-12 critical thinking programs, and then collaborate to build a provincial framework of reference.

Date : 2018-02-0925 views
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