Recognize, Render and Redirect: Supporting Faculty to Support Students with Mental Health Challenges

Hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Recognize, Render and Redirect aims to better equip faculty members with the tools they need to support student mental health.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Maria-Lucia Di Placito will speak to her work that encourages instructors to recognize students in their classes who may be facing mental health challenges, to render equitable supports that facilitate the student's successful course completion, and/or to redirect students to appropriate resources. Dr. Di Placito's talk will be followed by a panel of speakers including: 

Dr. Lorne Prupas, Associate Director, Counselling Services, SFU

Alisa Stanton, Mental Health Promotion, SFU

Monique Sekhon and Marco Zenone, SFU Student Health Advisory Committee

Michelle Horn, Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

Date : 2018-04-2349 views
Department : FASS Deans Office, Health and Counselling Services
Keyword : mental health, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences