BMO Public Lecture with Dr. Susan Athey

The Impact of Digital Intermediaries on Product Quality: Evidence from News and Ridesharing

 In recent years, digital intermediaries have deeply impacted how we go about our daily lives. Affecting numerous industries across the board, digitization has changed our world, from the way we consume news to the methods of transportation we use.

Online marketplaces and platforms serve as intermediaries between consumers and the goods and services they consume. They also determine who supplies those goods and services. Today, intermediaries have changed the way that product and service quality are monitored and incentivized.

Stanford professor Susan Athey will discusses the significance of intermediaries in this digital age, and the impact they have on our global economies. This talk addresses how intermediaries like Facebook and Uber have affected the quality of services available to consumers and whether such “disruption” has had unforeseen costs.

Presented by BMO Bank of Montreal, the Simon Fraser University Department of Economics, and SFU Public Square.

Date : 2018-09-2713 views
Department : SFU Public Square
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Keyword : BMO, Digital Intermediaries, Economics, SFU Public Square, Susan Athey, Ridesharing