Asian Waters: The Struggle Over the Asia-Pacific and the Strategy of Chinese Expansion

In our fast-changing and unpredictable world one thing is certain: Asia is the new center of wealth and power and with that comes opportunity, connectivity and contest. Whether on trade or tension around the Korean peninsula, America and China suspiciously circle each other while many other countries are deciding where their long-term future best lies. How these complexities are handled will have repercussions on all our lives. Humphrey Hawksley, a former BBC China and Asia correspondent, draws on decades of first-hand experience in Asia for this compelling and comprehensive analysis of the Asia-Pacific region.

Humphrey Hawksley: As a BBC correspondent, Humphrey Hawksley’s work has taken him to crises on every continent. He was expelled from Sri Lanka, arrested in Serbia, opened the BBC’s television bureau in China, and initiated an award-winning global campaign against enslaved children in the chocolate industry. His work has appeared in the The Globe and Mail, Financial Times, New York Times and other publications. His previous university presentations include Columbia, Cambridge and University College London. Humphrey is the author of the acclaimed Future History series Dragon Strike, Dragon Fire and The Third World War that explores world conflict.

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