Proportional Representation Best Reflects the Will of the People

A Debate on BC’s Electoral Future

This fall, British Columbians have the chance to shape the future of provincial elections. A mail-in referendum ballot asks if we should keep the current first past the post system, or reform our electoral process and implement one of three types of proportional representation.

To get engaged and inform your vote, please enjoy this discussion about BC’s electoral future. This Oxford-style debate was moderated by Nancy Olewiler, Professor and Director, SFU School of Public Policy. Hear from two teams of experts who argue for and against changes to voting systems in the province, and explain how the results of the referendum affect representation in B.C. 

Date : 2018-11-1518 views
Department : SFU Public Square
Category : SFU Events
Keyword : Proportional Representation, first past the post, Stuart Parker, Nancy Olewiler, Adam Goldenberg, Aubin Calvert, Chuka Ejeckam