President’s Faculty Lecture: Richard Vaughan

Robust Interaction in Human and Robot Teams

How should robots behave around people, animals and each other to get things done? Dr. Vaughan’s Autonomy Lab develops mobile robot systems that exploit the latest sensing technology to perform sophisticated, robust interactions with the world and each other. These robots are surprisingly simple and dynamic to use. He describes a series of vision-mediated Human-Robot Interactions with teams of driving and flying robots, and explains why this work is quickly becoming important outside the lab.

About Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan is a Professor of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, where he directs the Autonomy Lab. His research interests include multi-robot systems, human-robot interaction, robot software engineering, and behavioural ecology. He demonstrated the first robot control of animal behaviour, and showed the first barehanded human interaction with unmanned aerial vehicles. He was Program Chair of IROS 2017, Vancouver, and previously held positions at HRL Laboratories, the University of Southern California, the University of Oxford, and the University of Sussex.

Date : 2018-11-2118 views
Department : SFU Public Square, President's Office
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