President’s Faculty Lecture: Wanda Cassidy

Cyberbullying in Our Schools and Universities:
Extent, Impacts, and Solutions

As parents, students, employees, and citizens, we regularly hear about incidents of online bullying and harassment and too many of us have experienced it ourselves. The media tends to report only on the most disturbing cases. But how extensive is it? Who are the targets – and who are the bullies? What are the impacts on those victimized? Can we do anything about it, or is cyberbullying simply a result of living in this new cyber-world?

Dr. Wanda Cassidy discusses the results of research conducted among adolescents at BC schools, and among students and faculty at Canadian universities. A focus of her presentation will be on understanding the impacts of cyberbullying across ages, as well as on solutions that are proving effective in addressing this challenging problem.

Date : 2019-02-2127 views
Department : SFU Public Square, President's Office
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