City Program: Warren Gill Lecture - Canada’s Enduring Two Solitudes

In 1921, Canada became the first OECD nation to have 50 per cent of its population living in cities. Decades of economic and social development have magnified the differences between urban and rural communities, leading to discontent and alienation not only in Canada, but also across the Western world. Modern political movements increasingly pit city dwellers against rural residents, and downtowners against suburbanites, suggesting our differences are irreconcilable. Can we construct a new narrative that binds us together, and new approaches to governance and public decision-making that recognize the particularities of place?

About the speaker

Mary Rowe is an impassioned civic leader with diverse experience in the business, government, not-for-profit and philanthropy sectors in Canada and the U.S. Over 30 years, Mary has been a steady advocate and champion for place-based approaches to building livable and resilient cities, and community-driven local economies. She has led campaigns, organizations, initiatives and companies spanning a few months to several years.

Date : 2019-05-164 views
Department : SFU City Program
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