Cannabis in Canada: Exploring This New Reality

Last October, Canada became the second nation in the world to legalize cannabis for non-medical adult use. While cannabis use may be growing, there are still many myths and misperceptions.

M-J Milloy (Research Scientist at the BC Centre on Substance Use), Scott Bernstein (Director of Policy at the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition), and Stephanie Lake (Doctoral Candidate at the BC Centre on Substance Use) discuss:
• What does legalization mean for Canadians?
• Can cannabis play a role in addressing the overdose crisis?
• Realistic and evidence-based cannabis education for youth

Moderated by: Donald MacPherson (Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and adjunct professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences) and Will Small (Director of the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health & Addiction and associate professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences)

This public lecture was organized by SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences and funded through an endowment provided by the Surrey Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society.

Date : 2019-06-037 views
Department : Health Sciences
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