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Current Members

Dr Glyn Williams-Jones
Dr. Glyn Williams-Jones
B.Sc. Hons., Montréal, 1994; M.Sc., Montréal, 1997; Ph.D., Open University, 2001.

Physical volcanology, Applied geophysics and geochemistry, processes controlling persistent volcanism, Remote sensing
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Dr Nathalie Vigouroux
Dr. Nathalie Vigouroux
SFU Adjunct Faculty & Regular Faculty, Douglas College
B.Sc. Hons., McGill, 2003; M.Sc., Oregon, 2006; Ph.D., SFU, 2011.

Ph.D. Project: Tracking the evolution of magmatic volatiles from the mantle to the atmosphere using integrative geochemical and geophysical methods

Physical volcanology, geochemistry of volatiles
Dr Jeff Witter
Dr. Jeff Witter
SFU Adjunct Faculty & Principal Geoscientist, Innovate Geothermal Ltd.
A.B., Occidental College, 1992; M.Sc., Hawaii Manoa, 1997; Ph.D., Washington, 2003.

Physical volcanology, geothermal systems, geochemistry of volatiles, geophysics
Dr Jeffrey Zurek
Dr Jeffrey Zurek
Postdoctoral Fellow
B.Sc., UVic., 2007; M.Sc., SFU, 2010; Ph.D., SFU, 2016.

Ph.D. Project: Multidisciplinary Investigation of the Evolution of Persistently Active Basaltic Volcanoes
M.Sc. Project: Characterizing the plumbing systems of active volcanoes through potential field studies

Physical volcanology, applied geophysics, volatile geochemistry
Ms Antonina Calahorrano
Ms Antonina Calahorrano
M.Sc. student, 2017 -
B.Sc., San Francisco de Quito,, 2015

M.Sc. Project: "Detection of possible magmatic instrusion at Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador"

Physical volcanology, applied geophysics
Ms Megan Dewit
Ms Megan Dewit
M.Sc. student, 2015 -
B.Sc. Hons., SFU, 2014

M.Sc. Project: "Terrestrial remote sensing to characterize causes of volcanic slope instabilities"
Co-supervised with Prof. Doug Stead, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Research Group

Physical volcanology, geotechnics, remote sensing
Mr Yannick Le Moigne
Mr Yannick Le Moigne
Ph.D. student, 2016 -
B.Sc., Bretagne Occidentale, 2013; M.Sc., Orléans, 2015.

Ph.D. Project: "Investigating the Canada’s deadliest volcanic eruption and mitigating future hazards"

Physical volcanology, geochemistry, petrology

Mr Craig Miller
Mr Craig Miller
Ph.D. student, 2014 -
B.Sc. Hons, Auckland, 1995; M.Sc., Auckland, 1996

Ph.D. Project: "4D modelling of potential fields at two active volcanic systems"

Physical volcanology, applied geophysics
Ms Swetha Venugopal
Swetha Venugopal
Ph.D. student, 2015 -
B.Sc. Hons., SFU, 2013; M.Sc., Blaise Pascal, 2015

Ph.D. Project: "Magmatic volatile fluxes through two subduction zones: The Canadian Cascades and the Lesser Antilles"
Co-supervised wtih Dr. Séverine Moune, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcano

Physical volcanology, geochemistry of volcanic gases
Ms Rachel Warwick
Ms Rachel Warwick
M.Sc. student, 2017 -
B.Sc., SFU, 2017

M.Sc. Project: "A probabilistic volcanic hazard assessment for the Mt. Meager Volcanic Complex, BC"

Physical volcanology, volcanic hazards


Former members

Dr Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen

Dr. Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen
B.Sc. Hons., M.Sc., Vrije Universiteit, 2000, Ph.D., Open University, 2005.

Project: A geophysical study of volcanic processes at a persistently active volcano and at two calderas in a state of unrest.

Elske is currently a researcher with the Dept. Seismology and Acoustics, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute.

Dr Nicolas Fournier

Dr. Nicolas Fournier
B.Sc. Hons., Blaise Pascal, 1998; M.Sc., Blaise Pascal, 2000, Ph.D., Open University, 2003.

Project: Shallow volcanic processes at persistently active volcanoes: multidisciplinary study at Poás volcano, Costa Rica.

Nico is currently a Volcano geodesist with the Wairakei Research Centre, GNS Science in New Zealand.

Ms. Mika Gousgouni
Ms Mika Gousgouni
Visiting M.Sc. student, 2010 -
University of Athens, Greece

M.Sc. Project: A comprehensive GIS for Mt. Meager, Canada and Santorini, Greece

Ms Elise Harrington
Ms Elise Harrington
B.Sc., SFU, 2016

Project: "Thermorheological Modeling of Venusian Canali"

Elise is currently a M.Sc. student in the Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration at Western University, Ontario.
Ms Patricia MacQueen
Ms Patricia MacQueen
B.Sc., Oregon, 2011; M.Sc., SFU, 2013

Project: "Potential field studies of the shallow plumbing systems of two polygenetic cinder cones"

Patricia is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines and geophysicist with Micro-g LaCoste, in Colorado, USA.
Dr Guillaume Mauri
Dr. Guillaume Mauri
B.Sc. Hons., Clermont-Ferrand II, 2003; M.Sc., Clermont-Ferrand II, 2005;
Ph.D., SFU, 2010.

Project: Multi-scale analysis of multiparameter geophysical and geochemical data from active volcanic systems

Guillame is currently a professional geophysicist based in Swizterland.
Dr Séverine Moune
Dr. Séverine Moune
Laboratoire Magmas et Volcano, Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont-Ferrand
B.Sc., Paul Sabatier, 2000; M.Sc., Blaise Pascal, 2002; Ph.D., Blaise Pascal, 2005.

Physical volcanology, volcanic gas geochemistry (volatiles and trace elemets)

Dr Patricia Nadeau

Dr. Patricia Nadeau
B.Sc. Hons., McGill, 2004; M.Sc., SFU, 2006; Ph.D., Michigan Tech., 2011.

M.Sc. Project: A Multi-Parameter Investigation of Volcanic Plume Behavior and Resultant Environmental Impact at a Persistently Degassing Volcano, Masaya, Nicaragua

Tricia is currently a postdoctoral researcher with the American Museum of Natural History.

Ms Melissa Park
Ms Melissa Park
B.A., Washington, 2001; B.Sc., Western Washinton, 2008; M.Sc., Western Washinton, 2011
Dr Kirstie Simpson
Dr. Kirstie Simpson
B.Sc. Hons., UBC, 1996; Ph.D., University of Tasmania, 2001.

Applied physical volcanology in modern and ancient volcanic successions, facies analyses of mineralised volcanic successions and hydrothermal breccia complexes, volcanic hazard assessments