SFUFA - Salary Equity Recommendation Committee


Written on September 23, 2016

For the past two years, the University and SFUFA have worked together on a process to examine gender-based salary inequities as related to SFU faculty members. A first joint committee reported on the nature and extent of gender-based salary inequities at SFU.

A second joint committee, the Salary Equity Recommendations Committee, was tasked with preparing a report that addressed the following:

  1. Possible methods of dealing with current inequities identified in the previous report;
  2. Mechanisms for preventing future inequities from developing; and
  3. Establishing a process to monitor for emerging salary inequities on a continuing basis.

The Committee completed its work over the summer, and has submitted its report to the University and the Association.

SFU and SFUFA are reviewing the recommendations prior to discussions regarding next steps.  No decisions have been made regarding implementation of any of the recommendations at this point.

The Salary Equity Recommendation Committee was:

Bertille Antoine, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Claire Cupples, Dean, Faculty of Science (Committee member from June 29, 2016)
Olena Hankivsky, Professor, School of Public Policy
Mary-Catherine Kropinski, Professor, Department of Mathematics (Co-Chair)
Gordon Myers, Associate Vice-President, Academic (Co-Chair until June 29, 2016)
Krishna Pendakur, Professor, Department of Economics
Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Dean, Faculty of Environment (Co-Chair from June 29, 2016)
Catherine Stoddard, Director, Academic Relations
Brenda Taylor, Director, Human Rights and Equity

This was a complex project, requiring extensive research, evaluation and discussion, and we ask you all to join us in thanking the committee for its very important work.

Peter Keller                                                                       Dan Laitsch
Vice-President Academic and Provost                     President, SFUFA

Salary Equity Report released by the SFUFA - Salary Equity Recommendation Committee, September 1, 2016

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