Blended Learning Assessment Project

A pilot of a new Blended (B) course classification is being launched at Simon Fraser University in January 2022 to support our goal of providing flexible learning options for our students. SFU’s definition of blended courses, adopted by Senate, is:

“Blended courses at SFU have at least one quarter and no more than three quarters of student learning integral to the course occurring in the online environment, replacing in-person instruction.”

This means that the online components of courses are not add-on or enrichment activities as is often done with purely in-person courses, but instead are foundational aspects of the course. The online components are asynchronous, to provide flexibility for students in how and when they learn; the in-person components provide connection and context for enrolled students and, in many cases, are experiential and, so, not conducive to being completed online. 

To ensure that the way that we are supporting blended learning at SFU is meeting our instructors’ and students’ teaching and learning needs, we are completing an analysis that will address the following questions:

  • What is the design of blended courses at SFU? What kinds of pedagogical decisions are instructors making?
  • What benefits do blended courses offer for instructors and students?
  • What challenges have instructors and students faced and overcome in their blended courses?
  • How can SFU better support instructors to help them provide the best possible education for their students?