Educational Goals Initiative

At SFU, Educational Goals (EGs) for programs were introduced beginning in 2013 as part of the external review cycle for academic departments. EGs were recommended by the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Working Group “as a means of promoting continuous improvement of courses and programs,” in response to the 2010 call of the Task Force on Teaching and Learning recommending that SFU should “identify and promote a set of attributes that every SFU graduate should possess or be able to demonstrate.”

In 2018, the Educational Goals/Learning Outcomes Working Group (comprised of faculty, staff, and students) was tasked with proposing university-wide EGs for all students, in response to the calls of these earlier committees. Their version was based on commonalities identified in program-level EGs.

The proposed EGs went through a number of revisions involving deans, the Senate Committee on Undergraduate  Studies (SCUS), the Senate Committee on University Teaching and Learning (SCUTL), and Senate; feedback suggested that they should be more aspirational and should seek to capture what is unique about an SFU education.The EGs were revised with this input and with additional feedback from a community consultation, and the EGs and associated assessment plan were adopted by Senate in June of 2022.

SFU’s educational goals for undergraduates


As an institution, we are dedicated to preparing students for lifelong learning, and to producing community-engaged and responsible citizens who demonstrate integrity and ethical behaviour. We value a community founded on principles of respect for knowledge, truth, and scholarship. Our graduates are critical and creative thinkers, skilled at problem solving and equipped for the challenges of the future.


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Report and recommendations

In 2017–2018, the Educational Goals/Learning Outcomes Working Group reviewed SFU’s Educational Goals Initiative.

Report of the Educational Goals/Learning Outcomes Working Group
PDF, May 2018

Recommendations report

Task Force on Teaching and Learning: Recommendations Report
PDF, January 2010