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General Education at SFU enhances undergraduate degrees by informing and complementing students’ programs of study, encouraging students to develop understandings and skills that equip them for life-long learning, and preparing them to appreciate, critique and contribute ideas and values of diverse, complex, and interdependent local and global communities in an ethical and comprehensive manner.


Upper Division B courses for upper-level and transfer students

The following list of courses offered at the upper division are labelled Breadth-Humanities, Breadth-Social Science, or Breadth-Science. These courses should only have a maturing prerequisite (a set number of credit hours that must be completed prior to registering).

Please note: Course designations approved after September 2006 are noted in the lists below with italicized effective dates. Designations are NOT retroactive; they are effective as of the first offering after Senate approval.

Last updated 1 March 2022.

Courses are listed alphabetically. Please click on the course link for a current course description and prerequisite information. Check Course Schedules each term for offerings of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title Designation
ARCH 301 Ancient Visual Art (3) B-Hum
BISC 371 Special Topics in Biology for Non-majors (3)  B-Sci
BISC 373 Brewing Science (3)

Note: no lab
BISC 374 Brewing Science with Lab (3) B-Sci - effective January 2018
CA 357W Context of Theatre II (4) B-Hum
CHEM 399 Special Topics in Chemistry and Society (3) B-Sci
CMPT 320 Social Implications - Computerized Society (3) B-Sci
CRIM 315 Restorative Justice (4)  B-Soc
CRIM 355 The Forensic Sciences (3) B-Soc
DIAL 390W Semester: Dialogue (5) W; B-Soc or B-Hum
DIAL 391W Semester: Seminar (5) W; B-Soc or B-Hum
DIAL 392W Semester: Final Project (5) W; B-Soc or B-Hum
EDUC 311 Foundations in Aboriginal Education, Language and Culture (3) B-Hum
EDUC 341 Literacy, Education and Culture (3) B-Hum
ENGL 383 Studies in Popular Literature and Culture (3)  B-Hum
ENGL 398 Major Authors for Non-majors (3) B-Hum
ENV/ENSC 412 Technologies, Cultures and a Sustainable World (3) B-Soc or B-Sci
FREN 330 Francophone World (3) B-Hum
GERO 300 Introduction to Gerontology (3) B-Soc
GSWS 316 Disciplining Sex: Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology (4)  B-Hum or B-Soc or B-Sci
HIST 304 Alexander the Great and the Quest for World Empire (4) B-Hum
HIST 349 Rome After Rome: The Byzantine Middle Ages from the End of Antiquity to the Crusades (4)  B-Hum
HIST 373 Conquest in North America, 1500-1900 (4)  B-Hum
HIST 460 Themes in Byzantine History (4) B-Hum
HUM 302W Athenian Democracy (4) B-Hum; W
HUM 303 The Latin Humanist Tradition (4) B-Hum
HUM 309 Literature and the Arts Across Cultures (4) B-Hum
HUM 311 Italian Renaissance Humanism (4) B-Hum
HUM 312W Renaissance Studies (4) B-Hum; W
HUM 320 Cross-Cultural Philosophy in the Humanities (4) B-Hum
HUM 321W The Humanities and Critical Thinking (4) B-Hum; W
HUM 325 The Humanities and the Natural World (4) B-Hum
HUM 330 Religion in Context (4) B-Hum
HUM 331 Special Topics in Asian Religious Traditions (4) B-Hum
HUM 332 Mythology in Context (4) B-Hum
HUM 340 Great Cities in Their Time (4) B-Hum
HUM 349 Rome after Rome: The Byzantine Middle Ages from the end of Antiquity to the Crusades B-Hum
HUM 350 Special Topics: Great Figures in the Humanistic Tradition (4) B-Hum
HUM 360 Special Topics: Great Themes in the Humanistic Tradition (4) B-Hum
HUM 460 Themes in Byzantine History (4) B-Hum
IS 302 Humanitarian Intervention: An Introduction (4)  B-Hum; B-Soc
LBST 310 The Politics of Labour (3) B-Soc
MBB 301 Bioscience of Science Fiction (3) B-Sci or B-Hum
MBB 302 Energy: From Cells to Society (3) B-Sci
PHIL 300 Introduction to Philosophy (3) B-Hum
PUB 448 Publishing and Social Change: Tech, Texts, and Revolution (4) B-Hum; B-Soc
SA 302W Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (4) B-Soc; W
SA 418 Global Health: Humanitarian Encounters (4) B-Soc
SCI 300 Science and Its Impact on Society (3) B-Sci
SD 381 Building Sustainable Communities (4) B-Soc
WL 303 Global Culture and Its Discontents (4) B-Hum
WL 304 Exile and Migration (4) B-Hum
WL 305W Sages and Poets (4) B-Hum; W
WL 306 Transnational Literary Rebellions (4) B-Hum
WL 307 Creative Writing in World Literature (4) B-Hum
WL 308 Travel and Trade (4) B-Hum
WL 309 Empire and Resistance (4) B-Hum
WL 320 Interdisciplinary Approaches to World Literature (4) B-Hum

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