Core theme report card

June 23, 2011

After months of research and analysis, the lion’s share of SFU’s accreditation self-evaluation report is complete. And the verdict: by virtually every measure of all its core theme objectives—as rated from “satisfactory” to “outstanding” to “improvement required”—SFU’s performance is satisfactory.

The university’s operational scale is appropriate to fulfill its mission and carry out its core themes. Enrolment targets at the undergraduate and graduate levels are consistently met and often exceeded. Over-enrolment creates unusual pressure on resources, but is also generating financial flexibility.

Academic and support staff are employed in numbers adequate to allow the institution to carry out its mandates to teach, conduct research and engage communities.

However SFU, like other Canadian universities, faces a major challenge in addressing its deferred maintenance. The university’s academic operations increasingly depend on the smooth and efficient functioning of its IT infrastructure, which requires ever increasing fi nancial and staff resources to maintain and grow.

Although more government support would be welcome, SFU’s current resources are well managed, adequate for their intended purposes, and appropriately allocated to achieve the university’s mission now and for the foreseeable future.

Here’s how we measure up by core theme:

  • Teaching and Learning: SFU’s performance is satisfactory when it comes to providing students with academic opportunities to become informed, engaged global citizens. Its support and promotion of teaching excellence is outstanding. And SFU is also satisfactory at offering highquality academic programs from a diverse set of disciplines across all faculties.
  • Research: SFU is satisfactory at increasing the level and quality of research and promoting its profi le as a researchintensive university. It is also satisfactory at incorporating research into teaching and learning.
  • Student Experience and Success: The university is satisfactory at providing both an engaging student experience and a supportive student learning and living environment. It also satisfactorily creates vibrant campus communities.
  • Community and Citizenship: SFU satisfactorily engages and involves its many communities and provides opportunities for international collaboration and partnerships. SFU also satisfactorily mobilizes resources and expertise that refl ect regional, national and global concerns.

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