Accreditation by the Numbers

November 04, 2010

4 Reasons for Accreditation

  • To receive an independent assessment of the institution as a whole, not just individual programs, disciplines or departments.
  • To make it easier to compare and share best practices with other institutions worldwide.
  • To generate greater international recognition and recruitment.
  • To simplify relations with U.S. counterparts in matters such as scholarships, grants and athletics.

3 Accreditation Project Objectives

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of SFU in relation to the five NWCCU Standards.
  • Develop a self-study report for submission to NWCCU.
  • Coordinate the NWCCU evaluation site visit.

4 Core Themes* (Essential Elements of SFU's Purpose/Mission)

  • Teaching and Learning (Theme lead: Sarah Dench).
  • Research (Wade Parkhouse).
  • Student Experience and Success (Tim Rahilly).
  • Community and Citizenship (Joanne Curry).

    *Mapped to SFU’s planning framework and 3-yr academic plan

5 NWCCU Standards Covered in SFU's Self-Study Report

  • Mission, core themes and expectations (SFU’s vision).
  • Resources and capacity (SFU’s means and ability to achieve its vision).
  • Institutional planning (the university’s planning procedures).
  • Core theme planning, assessment and improvement (how SFU measures success).
  • Mission fulfillment, adaptation and sustainability (how the university responds to change).

5 Primary Core-Theme Team Tasks

  • Define your core theme (i.e., clarify what SFU means when it refers to your core theme).
  • Make an assessment of how well SFU is achieving the theme’s goals and objectives using the indicators identifi ed in the academic plan, the strategic research plan and the university planning framework as well as any other qualitative or quantitative measures.
  • Provide a rationale for why particular measures (quantitative or qualitative) are appropriate.
  • Explain the reasons for arriving at your assessment.
  • Using the assessment reach a conclusion about whether and to what degree SFU is fulfilling its mission as it pertains to your Core Theme.

3 Secondary Core-Theme Team Tasks

  • Suggest improvements.
  • Explain how SFU could improve its performance for this core theme. (Comment on the appropriateness and value of the goals and objectives, the effectiveness and effi ciency of the strategies employed, and the validity and reliability of the indicators identified in the current planning documents. Suggest alternatives where necessary.)
  • Describe what you learned from carrying out this initial process and how those lessons can be incorporated in future planning and assessment processes.
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