Academic plan echoes university’s vision and mission

October 25, 2012

SFU’s draft 2013–18 academic plan draws inspiration from the university’s new strategic vision and mission, focusing on the institution’s strengths and aspirations as an “engaged university,” and providing a high-level set of priorities and principles.

Anticipating limited growth and restricted funding, the plan focuses on a small set of objectives, recognizing that academic and support units will continue to work on activities relevant to their individual missions that can’t be expressed adequately in an institution-wide plan.

Like the vision and mission, the plan seeks to distinguish SFU as “the leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research and far-reaching community engagement.”

It sets out objectives and priorities for each of the three goals identified in the SFU Mission:

  • To equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them for life in an ever-changing and challenging world.
  • To be a world leader in knowledge mobilization, building on a strong foundation of fundamental research
  • To be Canada’s most community-engaged research university.

“The plan targets a number of areas to which all units can contribute,” says VP, Academic Jon Driver, “including student education and experience, research and community engagement.”

The plan’s management priorities include:

  • Institutional accreditation.
  • Extending performance-based budgeting to support units and scholarship programs.
  • Faculty professional development.
  • Revenue generation and advancement.
  • Strategic enrolment management.
  • Implementing the Aboriginal Strategic Plan.
  • Management the university’s deferred maintenance shortfall.
  • Aligning policies and procedures to support strategic initiatives.

Its planning priorities include:

  • Preparing for the Surrey campus expansion.
  • Reviewing international partnerships including dual-degree programs, research collaborations and exchange agreements
  • Developing better data capture on educational, research and community engagement activities

The draft document concludes: “The objectives of this plan should influence planning in all academic and support units, will be priority items for the Vice President Academic, and will also influence the development of collaborations with other vice-presidential portfolios.”

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