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In SFU's first years, all Faculty deans and senior administrators reported directly to the President. Planning for the establishment of a Vice-President's Office to oversee academic matters began in the late 1960s and two faculty members served as temporary Acting Vice-Presidents from 1968-1970.

The Office was formally established on September 1, 1970.

F o r m e r   V i c e - P r e s i d e n t s   A c a d e m i c


R.R. Haering Acting Vice-President, Academic  1968 - 1969 
Lalit M. Srivastava Acting Vice-President, Academic  1969 - 1970 
Brian G. Wilson Vice-President, Academic  1970 - 1978 
Daniel R. Birch Acting Vice-President, Academic  1978 - 1979 
John M. Munro Vice-President, Academic  1979 - 1984 
J. W. George Ivany  Vice-President, Academic  1984 - 1989 
Ross Saunders Acting Vice-President, Academic 1989 - 1989
Liora Salter Acting Vice-President, Academic and Provost  1989 - 1990
John M. Munro Vice-President, Academic and Provost 1990 - 1995
David P. Gagan Vice-President, Academic and Provost 1995 - 1999
John M. Munro           Vice-President, Academic and Provost 1999 - 2000   
John H Waterhouse     Vice-President, Academic and Provost 2000 - 2008
Jonathan C. Driver Vice-President, Academic and Provost 2008 - 2016

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