Associate Vice President External Relations Posting

Job Profile

Vice-President External Relations, Philip Steenkamp, received approval from the Board of Governors, in January 2012, for the establishment of the position of Associate Vice President External Relations.  

The call for nominations for the Associate Vice President, External Relations search committee has resulted in the following membership:

Search Committee - Associate Vice-President, External Relations

Policy GP 29




President or Vice President (or designate)


Philip Steenkamp

Two Deans (one of whom must be a Faculty dean)

Selected by the Deans

Nimal Rajapakse

John O'Neil

Two Faculty Members

Elected by the faculty members jointly

Tom Perry
Colleen Collins

President of the Faculty Association (or designate)


Carla Graebner - tbc

One Member of the Support Staff

Elected by and from the Support Staff of the units reporting within the Associate Vice-President's portfolio.

Maureen McConnell

One of: the President of the SFSS, the Co-ordinating & External Relations Officer of the Graduate Student Society, or their designate

As jointly agreed upon by the Societies

Julia Lane

Up to three Additional Members

Selected by the Vice President to mitigate under-representation from the equity-designated groups and/or to provide better representation of the portfolio.

Claire Trepanier

Search Committee Procedures

The Search Committee for the AVP External Relations is guided by GP 29

The nomination/application period for the Associate Vice-President, External Relations closed at 4:30pm on May 7, 2012.

The Search Committee is now reviewing nominations and applications.

A job profile, which outlines the AVP External Relations role and the ideal qualifications for candidates, is found at