Women Deliver

Women Deliver (WD) is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women around the world to drive political and financial investment.

Vancouver is hosting Women Deliver 2019 — the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the 21st century.

The conference inspires new policy, funding, commitments, that support gender equality and health and rights of women.

As a Canadian Mobilizer, SFU is helping to advance Canada’s three action areas:

  1. Gender Responsive Health System and Services
  2. Gender-Based Violence
  3. Women’s Economic Empowerment and Equal Opportunity

Why participate?

A post-conference survey from the 2016 Conference revealed that 97% of respondents felt motivated to take one or more actions, as a result of attending the conference.

With over 6,000 world leaders, parliamentarians, royals, private sector executives, civil society leaders, young people, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists from over 160 countries expected to attend, you can…

  • Increase the impact of your gender-based research
  • Network with leading gender-based researchers and peers from around the world
  • Influence local, provincial and national action towards gender equality
  • Increase general awareness about gender equality
  • Position yourself as a gender-based thought leader
  • Collaborate and strengthen advocacy agendas and policy recommendations
  • Access additional funding opportunities (In 2016, several presenters received additional funding to scale their products as a direct result of participating in Appy Hour)

How to participate

  1. Attend SFU’s featured event (details coming to Eventbrite in Spring 2019)
  2. Submit Conference proposals:
    1. Submit to the film festival by March 8, 2019  
    2. Submit an Appy Hour presentation by December 28, 2018
  3. Attend the conference

Resources and support

  1. Register as a gender-based researcher for the 2019 Emerging Thought Leaders (ETL) program. The program will assist you with media relations training, personalized coaching, and more. Email the ETL program manager.
  2. Promote your event
    1. Submit to the Women Deliver Canada calendar.
    2.  Submit to SFU’s event calendar.
  3. For further inquiries, please contact Sobhana Jaya Madhavan, SFU’s Institutional Lead for WD2019, and Preethi Bokka, Project Coordinator.