Post Approval Review Program

Revised: January, 2015

As per the guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and SFU University
Animal Care Committee (UACC), all animal use protocols approved by the SFU UACC are
subject to regular Post Approval Reviews. These reviews comprise a combination of veterinary
and UACC site visits and annual assessment of the work conducted under the animal use

The goals of this annual assessment are multiple:

a.  To ensure that ‘best practices’ regarding experimental techniques and animal care are
maintained, to help continue to improve animal care and research standards at SFU;

b.  To identify areas where protocol amendments may be needed;

c.  To work closely with the Principal Investigator (PI) and laboratory team to facilitate
research; and

d.  To help your research group understand and comply with the expectations of the UACC at SFU.

The annual assessment (checklist) is now included as part of the annual renewal form, and must be completed to ensure continued approval of the animal use protocol. Some aspects of the animal work may be carried out by Animal Care Services staff, and so we may have checked some questions that pertain to their services in order to facilitate your completing this form. However, please ensure that the form is complete and correct. If you have any questions about completing the form then please contact the UACC Coordinator.

           Protocol Annual Renewal Form (Lab Based)

           Protocol Annual Renewal Form (Field Based)

Contact Information

        UACC Coordinator

                    Discovery 2, Room 230                        Phone: (778) 782 - 4738
                    8900 Nelson Way                                  Email:  
                    Simon Fraser University                    
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