Scheduled UACC Meetings

Revised: January, 2015

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month (with possible exemptions for August and December). The deadline for protocol submission is 4:00pm, 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled UACC meeting. Late submissions will not be reviewed until the following meeting. 

UACC Policies and Procedures Regarding Application or Amendment Submission

Please carefully take note of the following UACC policies and procedures as your application or amendment may not be accepted if it does not meet these requirements.

1.  An application or amendment must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the next upcoming UACC meeting.

2.  Your application or amendment will only be processed when a signed copy is received by the UACC Coordinator.

3.  Please submit all applications and amendments electronically, to the UACC Coordinator, at

4.  Only the most recent versions of the application and amendment forms will be accepted.

Contact Information

        UACC Coordinator

                    Discovery 2, Room 230                        Phone: (778) 782 - 4738
                    8900 Nelson Way                                  Email:  
                    Simon Fraser University                     
                    Burnaby, BC   V5A 4W9