SFU's "Cool" New Green Energy Project

February 22, 2013

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With a total of $4.5 million in grants announced today from Automotive Partnership Canada, industry and government partners, SFU will lead Canada's largest project of its kind to develop more efficient and environmentally-friendly air conditioning and refrigeration systems for service vehicles and long-haul trucks.

Headed by SFU engineering scientist Majid Bahrami (pictured below, center, with members of his SFU lab) the project aims to develop at least eight new technologies for Canada's automotive and food sectors. It will involve 71 student and faculty researchers from both SFU and the University of Waterloo, who will work with industrial partners Cool-It Hiway Services Inc. and Saputo Dairy Products Inc. (both local companies), as well as CrossChasm Technologies Inc. from Ontario.

SFU Vice-President, Research Mario Pinto told SFU News, "This is an R&D project that is driven by the needs of industry, and aims to deliver transformative solutions in the form of novel energy efficient tools and systems that reduce environmental impact."

He adds, "The project will also benefit SFU by adding to the real-world, industry-relevant research and education opportunities available to students in our standout Mechatronic Systems Engineering program."

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