SFU prof stars in new TV series

June 28, 2014

Rudy Reimer, an SFU professor of First Nations Studies and Archaeology, is the star of a new documentary TV series called Wild Archaeology, which premieres in 2015/16 on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).

With Reimer and two young Aboriginal co-hosts as guides, Wild Archaeology takes viewers across the vast, rugged landscapes of North America to explore indigenous archaeology and First Nations cultural heritage sites and discover the untold story of the continent’s original peoples.

Some 12,000 years of human inhabitation of this land will be brought to life in the series.

Using immersive and high-impact visual design together with interactive content experiences, the show’s website will allow a deeper exploration and experience of the storylines featured on television.

APTN and the Canada Media Fund provided $1.6 million in financing for the initial 13 half-hour Season 1 episodes of Wild Archeology, which is produced by PaleFox Pictures, Tilt Cinema and MicroPublica.

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