You said, I'll go to another land, I'll go to another sea.
I'll find a city better than this one.
My every effort is a written indictment,
and my heart - like someone dead - is buried.
"The City" / Constantine Cavafy / tr. Aliki Barnstone
Tu dis : J'irai vers d'autres pays, vers d'autres rivages.
Je finirai bien par trouver une autre ville, meilleure que celle-ci,
Où chacune de mes tentatives est condamnée d'avance,
Et où mon cœur est enseveli comme un mort.
La ville / CP Cavafy / tr. M Yourcenar et C Dimaras

Proposal Deadline:                             Friday, March 2nd

Conference Date:                                Wednesday, April 4th 4-6PM,


The 2018 WORLD LITERATURE STUDENT CONFERENCE is currently accepting submissions for its upcoming spring event!  Our theme is:  THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: WHAT’S SO WRONG WITH DIFFERENCE? World Literature allows us to glimpse into somebody else’s world and cultural context, and therefore opens roads to mutual comprehension or potential roads of divergence. Ours is an increasingly migrant world where cultural exchanges challenges communities and individuals alike; this conference seeks to acknowledge these paths and explore the multitude of roads available without erasing differences or flattening shared understandings.

La Conférence étudiante en littérature mondiale 2018 invite les étudiant(e)s de tous les départements de la Faculté des lettres et sciences sociales à soumettre des dissertations, des présentations, et des projets liés au thème: La ROUTE NON-PRISE: QU’EST-CE QUI NE MARCHE PAS AVEC LA DIFFÉRENCE?  La littérature du monde offre un aperçu unique dans le monde et le contexte culturel des autres.  Elle propose donc deux chemins au lecteur : un qui mène vers une compréhension mutuelle, ou un autre qui s’axe sur nos différences.  Dans ce monde de plus en plus global où les échanges culturels mettent au défi l’individu et sa communauté, notre conférence cherche à reconnaître une multitude de chemins sans discriminer, condamner, ou effacer ces différences.



We invite students of all faculties who have taken a World Literature course this academic year, or a course in a related program (i.e. the humanities, social sciences, history, film etc.), to submit essays, projects, or presentations to the conference. This year, we are especially pleased to welcome speakers from the French Department, and invite them to present in French. All submissions will be treated with equal attention & confidentiality.

Each speaker will have four minutes to present their paper. Make sure that your paper is 500-600 words in length, or only present part of it at the conference. Papers may be interdisciplinary in nature: read an essay, speak from notes, offer a PowerPoint, deliver a joint presentation.  Don’t worry too much about the wording of our theme – be creative!


When and where?

The Conference will take place on 4-6 PM on Wednesday, April 4th 2018 at the Halpern Centre on SFU’s Burnaby Campus. The conference is followed by a catered GALA RECEPTION from 6-8 PM.



Here is some inspiration in regards to topics & theses that past presenters have presented on. For inspiration regarding visuals, visit our FB page or our visual-submissions page!

If you have trouble coming up with a relevant topic or thesis, compare the following topics & theses to their respective conferences' themes. Click the following to see more examples of papers that were presented by other people in the same conference!