The World Litererature Student Program uses these surveys to measure its Conference's performance. It allows us to see to see what worked, what didn't work, and experiment!

What went right? Which part of your duties do you think were helpful? What actions did you perform to make you succeed in your role? Did you perform any actions that made your role/job even better? If so, what were they? What advice would you give to those that will take up your position after you, so that they too can succeed or go 'above and beyond'?
What went wrong? Where did WLSC fail? Was it proffesional enough? Was the training/information provided to you not applicable and/or adequate? How could the executives been of more help? What was the conference lacking? What should we improve upon for next year? What recommendations would you give to conference planners, organizers, and to the person(s) who will be taking up your role in the future?