• August 13, 2020
    Technovation's 2020 World Summit
    Join Technovation August 13-14 for the 2020 Technovation World Summit (formerly known as World Pitch), an opportunity for girls, families, and industry experts from all over the world who are using technology to solve big problems.
  • August 19, 2020
    Webinar – Leading Diversity and Inclusion
    Join UBC and Manulife for this webinar. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) at work is more important now than ever before. Stories of anti-Asian sentiment and harassment, women’s career struggles while balancing work and family during COVID-19 lockdowns, and protests in support of #BlackLivesMatter are now part of the daily news headlines. These issues are creating renewed emphasis and heightened importance on the ways in which organizations manage diversity and inclusion in their workforce.
  • August 30, 2020
    Global STEM Festival
    The Global STEM Festival is an opportunity for 3-17 year olds to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities at home and share your favourite project virtually with the global Jamat.
  • September 04, 2020
    Geering Up Online Summer Camps
    Geering Up camps are all about making Science, Technology and Engineering hands on and exciting. Each day is a dynamic mix of hands on activities, demonstrations, mentors, and design challenges.
  • September 12, 2020
    UBC Gender Equity & STEM Conference 2020
    The UBC Gender Equity & STEM Conference will centre on the role of women and gender-oppressed communities in STEM fields in the past, present, and future.