More Women in STEM to Follow on Social Media!

May 02, 2017

Written by: Natalie Lim

Last August, we published a post about some awesome women that you should be following on social media. Of course, one blog post couldn't possibly do justice to all of the women in STEM out there doing great work and sharing it with the world, so we're back for another round!

Whether they're doing it through photos, videos, or in 140 characters, here are some women who are breaking down stereotypes in the world of STEM, one post at a time.


Roma Agrawal
Handle: @RomaTheEngineer
Why you should follow: Roma is a structural engineer with a physics degree who has designed bridges, skyscrapers, sculptures, and even spent six years working on The Shard. She uses her Twitter to discuss the latest news in engineering and to advocate for under-represented groups in STEM. 

Abigail Harrison
Handle: @astronautabby
Why you should follow: Abigail has made it her mission to become the first astronaut on Mars, and you want to be following her when it happens. Founder of The Mars Generation and undergraduate student at Wellesley College, her story is an inspiration to girls in STEM everywhere.

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Mack
Handle: @AstroKatie
Why you should follow: Dr. Mack is a theoretical astrophysicist and science communicator who also happens to run a fantastic Twitter feed. From shutting down mansplainers to excitedly Tweeting about polar vortexes on Saturn, her Tweets are insightful and hilarious, and you just might learn a thing or two about black holes.


Simone Giertz
Channel: Simone Giertz
Why you should subscribe: Simone makes robots. These robots will, among other things, serve drinks, make sandwiches, and apply lipstick. Catch is, they are very, very bad at thier jobs. Her creations are creative and her videos are hilarious - you haven't lived until you've watched a robot smash a glass on the table and then pour a drink on top of the broken shards.

Emily Graslie
Channel: thebrainscoop
Why you should subscribe: Emily is the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Muesum in Chicago, and her YouTube channel is based around sharing the museum's exhibits with the world. So far, she has produced videos on everything from mummy brains to naked mole-rats. We highly recommend her video on the lack of women creators in STEM - make sure to check out the description for other YouTube channels run by women in STEM!

Vi Hart
Channel: Vi Hart
Why you should subscribe: Vi Hart is a "mathemusician" who uses cute doodles to explain concepts like logarithms, the Fibonacci sequence, and the different kinds of infinity. She often combines music and math in unique ways in her work, like in this song about Tau.


Andini (Ann) Makosinski
Username: annmakosinski
Why you should follow: Andini is a 19-year-old student, inventor, Google Science Fair Winner, and Tonight Show guest, and has been featured on 30 Under 30 lists by both Forbes and TIME. Check out her Instagram feed for updates on her daily life and all her adventures! 

Dr. Shini Somara
Username: drshinisomara
Why you should follow: Dr. Somara is a mechanical engineer and STEM communicator who you may realize from series such as Crash Course Physics and episodes of Al Jazeera's TechKnow. She travels all over the world speaking about women in STEM and promoting STEM to young audiences - follow her to see where she's off to next! 

Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code
Username: blackgirlscode
Why you should follow: Black Girls Code was established by Kimberly Bryant in order to increase the number of women of colour in the digital technology space. Be inspired by photos of all the work they're doing to encourage diversity in STEM! 

Do you follow any fantastic women in STEM that you think should be added to this list? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!