Episode 35: Colleen Legzdins, PhD, Entrepreneur & Metals and Materials Engineer

August 07, 2018

How does someone who hates math and science with no role models of women in STEM end up as a Metals and Materials Engineer? Colleen Legzdins will tell you all about it in this interview with WWEST Manager Danniele. Rest assured - if you are interested in STEM but not much interest in science and math, you can still have a successful and rewarding STEM career, as Colleen demonstrates with her story. You'll learn how she pursued her education while starting a family, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and making a real difference for the environment with her work.

Be sure to check out this blog post about Colleen by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, Petroleum!

Guest: Colleen Legzdins, PhD (LinkedIn)

Dr. Colleen Legzdins has a background in metals and materials engineering and is a senior professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in industrial wastewater treatment and fuel cells. She has eight granted or pending patents in the areas of water treatment, electrochemistry, catalysis, and materials. Based on her patented innovative technology, she founded the award-winning company Axine Water Technologies and served as its president from 2010 to 2012 and its chief technical officer from 2012 to 2015. Colleen was formerly the vice president of technical services at Refinery Water Engineering and Associates (RWE), a process engineering firm providing water and waste management technologies for the petrochemical industry. She now works at RWE part time, and has co-founded another cleantech company in the US, which is in the process of getting off the ground. In addition, she received her owner/builder authorization from BC Housing, and is the general contractor of her house construction in the Okanagan.

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Hosted by: Danniele Livengood (@livengood)
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