Some areas of research

Current main focus is in various aspects of quantum gravity with concentration on the loop approach.

Other areas of interest:

Quantum effects in black holes.

Lorentzian wormholes.

Black hole interiors.

Higher dimensional space-times.

Universe models with ordinary matter and exotic dark matter/energy.

Detailed mathematical studies of the spherically symmetric gravitational field equations.

The cosmological Einstein-perfect fluid-scalar field equations and a development for the solution of the Cauchy problem in this system.

Modifications to Einstein gravity.

Relativistic particle, fluid and plasma mechanics coupled to weak-field relativistic gravity.

Gravastars as an alternative to black holes.

Topological boundary conditions in loop quantum gravity.

Some current projects, experiencing various levels of attention: a discrete phase-space representation of relativistic quantum field theory, Loop quantum gravity, analytic models of gravitational collapse, ..?

A partial list of publications.

Book: The General Theory of Relativity: A Mathematical Exposition by A. Das and A. DeBenedictis .

Some fun stuff not related to my research.

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