Links to Books and Free Articles By Andy Hira

Ideas and Economic Policy in Latin America: Regional, National, and Organizational Case Studies, Greenwood 1998.

Political Economy of Energy in the Southern Cone, Greenwood, 2003.

Development Projects for a New Millenium, with Trevor Parfitt, Praeger, 2004.

Outsourcing America, with Ron Hira, Amacom, 2005.

"The Brave New World of International Education,"The World Economy, 2003.

"Time for A Global Welfare System?," The Futurist, 2007.

An East Asian Model for Latin American Success, Ashgate, 2007.

World Food Demand: Coping with its Growth, with James Morfopoulos and Haley Jones, Novascience, 2011

Can Biofuels Serve as an Engine for Growth in Small Developing Economies? with Plinio Torres Garcete