McInnes Creek Press


The textbook

 Economic Literacy: A Different Approach to Economic Principles

comes in two formats: a  paperback, or an online etext.

Please read this entire page before deciding which book is right for you.


1. Hard Copy, Paperback

The price of the hard copy book is $62 US,( or about $80 Cdn depending on the exchange rate).

The book is approx. 550pp.

There are no returns or refunds, all sales are final.

The hard copy of the book is printed on demand by  It takes about four(4) business days to print the book, and depending on your shipping method the book can be received within one week from being printed.  However, you should leave 10-20 days to receive the book.

While you wait for the book to arrive, you can read the first three chapters here.
To purchase the book, go to the Lulu site here.


2. ON-LINE EText

If you wish to rent the online book, please note the following:

 The book rental costs $30 (Cdn, taxes included).
 There are no refunds.
 The link to the book will terminate every August and December.

Directions for Purchase
(Please Follow Closely to Avoid

Go to the Payhip page here. 
ii) Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the green "Buy Now" button.
iii) You will see a small thank you window with a blue "Download" button.
       (You will also receive an email with green "Download Now" button which just sends you back to the
           thank you window with the blue "Download" button).

iv)  Click the Blue Download Button.  You only need to do this ONCE!
v)   You will receive a small pdf file.  Save this File!
vi)   The pdf file has a link to your textbook, which is an online "Flipping Book" that cannot be  
              downloaded, printed, or shared.  But you can access it for an unlimited number of times
              over the semester, from any device.
vii)  Paste the link into whatever browser, on whatever device, and then bookmark that link.

Now you are all set.  Payhip only gives you three tries at a download, so if you don't save the file and  try to access the book each time through the blue download button, you will be unsuccessful on the fourth try.

Downloading to a mobile device can also be problematic. So, it is recommended that you download the pdf file on your PC, and then copy the link to your browser.

Sharing the link to the etext is a violation of the book's copyright.

NB. Because the hard copy and etext are sold through different companies, you purchase each separately. If you buy the online book and then wish to buy a hard copy, no discount can be offered.

The answers to all of the odd-numbered questions in the textbook are here.