Buec 427 The Economic Analysis of Law

Course Outline


Demsetz  "The Problem of Social Cost: What Problem?"
Alchian  "Evolution, Uncertainty, and Economic Theory''
Maugham, "The Verger''
Jacobs, "The Monkey's Paw"
Allen, "Transaction Costs"
Lueck, "First Possession"
Lueck, et al "Property Law"
Geddes and Lueck "The Gains from Self Ownership and the Expansion of Women's Rights"
Brooks "Liability and Organizational Choice"
Lott and Landes, "Muliple Victim Public Shootings, Bombings, and Right to Carry Concealsed Handgun Laws"
Palmer, "The Economics of Cruel and Unusual Punishment"
Casari Emergence of Endogenous legal institutions.
Mackaay History of Law and Economics
Schafer Torts
Menell Intellectual Property
Bouckaert Original Assignment of Private Property
Merrill and Smith What Happened to Property in Law and Economics
Polinsky and Shavell  Public Enforcement of Law
Craswell, Contract Law: General Theories
Masten, Contractual Choice
Ostrom, Private and Common Property Rights
Brooks Liability and Organizational Choice
Allen Same Sex Marriage
Allen Child Support Guidelines
Allen Textbook readings
Allen What Does She See In Him?
Curry and Mongrain Morality
Wolfers Did Unilateral Divorce Laws Raise Divorce Rates
Cohen The Unnatural Family and Women's Work
Borenstein and Courant How to Carve a Medical Degree
Chisholm  Profit-Sharing Versus Fixed-Payment Contracts: Evidence From the Motion Pictures Industry


Sturges v. Bridgman
Spur Industries, Inc. v. Del E. Webb Development Co.
Pierson v. Post
Hammonds v. Central Kentucky Natural Gas Co.
Sherwood v. Walker
Hadley v. Baxendale