I am married, and have been since 1984. I have three children and my favorite (but very old) picture of them is the following:

I like this picture because it totally captures their personalities. My son can't sit still long enough for a picture to be taken, my oldest daughter is prim and proper with her hair perfect, and my youngest daughter is just having a good time (note food under her seat). Here's another one of my favorite old time pictures: 

Ahh, those simple days.

When the family was younger we'd "camp" in the summer, usually near a warm lake in a motor home. This picture was an exception when we spent some 

cold days at WhistlerHere is a  picture at Splash Mountain in 1999. My wife really likes these kinds of rides.  Here's a shot at Disneyland 2008: Who says it never rains in southern California?

For many years we've vacationed at the Green Bay Family Bible Camp in Kelowna. Here's a picture of me and my babe floatin' around.

and the family in 2002:

Here's a dark and foreboding (the way students think of me) picture of me at our departmental 2000 Christmas party:
Things hadn't improved much by the 2004: 


Emily, the youngest, was a serious gymnast until the fall of 2003 when a fracture in her back ended her career. Gymnastics is a ridiculous sport. She would train 24 hours a week. But she was good. At 10 she won the all round gold medal for BC in her age and level. At 11 she qualified to tryout for the national team, but didn't make it. At 12 she competed nationally, until the back problem.   Here she is doing some type of back flip on the beam.

Here's her brother at the same competition.  He's always loved his down time.

 Here are some Christmas pictures from 2000-2003, and 2006.
 ha ha   you missed a great picture   They do grow up. 

Here are some pictures from a wedding in 2003 (no one in my family!).

More pictures from 2003 when my wife's cousins and relatives dropped by:


A  couple of pictures of "my girls"

And my "cool" son. Note the barrister bookcase in the background.

It was difficult and expensive, but Alison finally graduated ... She doesn't look so happy with her family close by.


    Is it me, or do I suddenly look old enough to have a daughter out of high school!                                                   

Teenagers, if you can tolerate the litter, are great. However they have the following sense of exchange:

Emily cut this out for me.

Some pictures of Tom the actor in a high school production of Joseph.
Here's a picture of me and Gayle at a Boston Red Sox game in 2005. I don't even like the Red Sox, but for her I waited in line 2 hours for the tickets.

My son wasn't happy we had to shovel out in the great storm of 06.

Notice how my daughter doesn't even have a shovel!

2008 was a big year in our family when Alison married Matt Senges.   Every  father looks forward to walking his daughter down the aisle. Here's the only picture I have of the event:
 Just my luck, the plant is in the way!  If you can take it, here is a beautiful slide show of the event.

In 2012, my other daughter was married:

 There's nothing wrong with the focus, I was just in a daze the whole day!

 Practicing for the big dance.   No plants in the way this time!

Here's a photo from 2015 ... no grandchildren, but a new daughter.