Most of my projects are gifts, and I seldom take pictures. But here are a few projects

A walnut/cherry hope chest.

Oak Barrister Bookcase.

Maple Shaker desk. (the shelf in the right pigeon hole looks out,
but it is just the distortion of the camera! ... really!)

Here's a Mission style bed,  matching night stands, dressers, and mirror ... all  made out of local Alder.



  Although you can barely see the mirror!

Here is a morris chair. Note the bent arms. Not very happy with the cushion though, I wanted a softer look.
A chair like this just makes you want to think!  I built the bookcase behind it many years ago. At the time money was tight, and so my goal was to minimize costs. Using various
bits of scrap, the total cost came to about $70.

Here are some little boxes and some mirrors I've made for gifts. All woodwork is a matter of boxes and frames with variations.
A little box with inlays like this is actually harder to make than any of the above furniture.



Here's a kitchen cabinet made of alder.

and here's a hallway shoe bench made and stained the same way:

I made the above for my daughter-in-law. I also made her the following tv cabinet and bookcase:


This cabinet was built from several alder trees that I had cut down and milled the year before. I'd become attached
to the precious wood, and so I was a little crushed at the request to paint(!) the solid wood cabinet.  At least the top
was stained and shows the beautiful grain. When it came time to build the matching bookcase below, I opted for
purchased alder. One day, a grandchild is going to strip the paint and wonder why anyone would cover
the beautiful wood. That's Tom approving.

Carving is the opposite of woodwork in many ways. No plans, no measurements, just a knife.  Here's an archer, abe, Thor, and a preacher I did.