German on the Web

Learning German (exercises, tests, explanations, grammar notes, etc.)
Deutsch: Na Klar! Website (the coursebook website with quizzes, culture notes, etc.)
Deutsch: Na Klar! Online Exercises (many links to exercises that correspond well to subject matter from chapters 1 to 7 of the Deutsch: Na Klar! textbook)
Quizlet (neat vocabulary learning site, you can enter your own vocab and it quizzes you, or search for "na klar" or "german" and study with materials others already created)
MIT Open Courseware (Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides free online access to their German language courses and other Germany-related courses (politics, etc.))
Learn German with BBC (for beginners and intermediates; grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and more; games and practice quizzes, guide to German slang)
Open University OpenLearn Learning Space (offers free access to course materials for several German language courses)
Animated German Grammar Tutorials (PowerPoint and other presentations covering specific topics, e.g., accusative, articles, two-way prepositions, etc.)
German for travellers (useful for people who want to travel to Germany; also contains some grammar notes)
The Language Learning Library (grammar, common nouns, common phrases, numbers, time, alphabet, dictionaries, culture)
The German Tutor (lessons, quizzes and tests for beginners organized according to grammar units such as pronouns or irregular verbs, links, suggested readings, etc.)
Deutsch-Lernen.Com (lessons for beginners and advanced learners, quizzes and tests, dictionary, study tips, make friends online, etc.)
E.L. Easton languages online (grammar, vocabulary, quizzes, read, listen, write, speak, pronunciation, culture, lots of links)
Online-German Course (grammar and vocabulary exercises structured according to selected textbooks and to the levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages)
Practice your German at Hennings Haus (fun and flashy games to practice German, organized into key areas such as family, food, numbers, colors, directions, clothing)
Learn German with WikiBooks (vocabulary, grammar, phrases, alphabet; lessons organized according to topics such as food, parties, weather, activities, movies, etc.)
German Electronic Textbook (grammar explanations, including nouns, pronouns, verbs + tenses, word order, passives, etc.)
German on the Web (Powerpoint presentations of grammar units, comics, music, games, other fun stuff)
Abroad Languages Games (word search, crosswords and hangman games in German)
Learn German guide (links to online courses, grammar, dictionary, vocabulary and more)
German Grammar at Wikipedia (covers many different grammar topics such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, numbers, word order, etc.)
German Review Grammar (grammar review covering verbs, nouns and pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, basic word order, etc.)
German Grammar Podcasts Chagrin Falls HS (podcasts on German grammar topics: haben vs. sein, liegen vs. legen, subjunctive, commands, etc.)
LEO German-English Dictionary (German-English and English-German dictionary, with audio pronunciation) English-German Dictionary (German-English and English-German dictionary, with audio pronunciation)
BEOLINGUS German-English Dictionary TU Chemnitz (German-English and English-German dictionary, with audio pronunciation)
German numbers (pronunciation of numbers 1 - 20, audio, and lots more, University of Exeter)
Text to speech (type in any German text and the computer reads it to you, male and female voices, audio, AT'&'T Labs)
German Electronic Textbook - Pronunciation (pronunciation explanations and practice, including similar sounding words, audio)
A Guide to German pronunciation (alphabet, German names, tongue twisters, Anglicised German words, etc., audio, University of Exeter)
"About" German Language (audio files for pronunciation practice, vocabulary quizzes, grammar explanations, and lots more...)
German at Single-serving (pronunciation files, basic German phrases for tourists and beginners, includes printable booklet)
German Phonetics for Speakers of American English (a very technical pronunciation guide, for people with a linguistics background, no audio)
Culture, History, Entertainment, etc.
German culture (education, economy, history, geography, media, politics, society, recipes, celebrities, holidays, traditions, and more)
German history (early history, medieval history, modern history up to German Reunification)
German Links (a website with links to various websites about grammar, maps, culture, food, music, history, dictionaries, etc.)
Spiegel Online (the English version of a major German news magazine; news and stories about Germany and the world)
German in Vancouver
Germans in B.C. (Connecting the German-Canadian Community of British Columbia; yellow pages, chat, events, links, news, personal postings)
The Vancouver German Language Meetup Group (Germans and German learners meet once a month for a fun evening)
German program at SFU (The German program at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada)
A Vancouver-based Facebook group for learners of German (in Facebook, search for "Unsere Deutschgruppe")
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last update: April 8, 2008