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The bookworm encourages and engages children by creating a creating a playful environment

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About Us

The Book Worm is an online collective that hosts special events and activities to promote reading as well aslearning. We sell a variety of book on our site, from educational to fantansy, we have it all you're sure to find something that you enjoy or a loved one would enjoy. We are champions of learning and creativity and we hope to be an aid to long-time readers and new readers alike.

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We love encourging young people to read. Whether they are just learning or they are a regular Book Worm we try our best to host events and challenges that make young people excited about reading and help grow their young minds.

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Creating Community

We are very excited to announce our new book club for the month of March, we hope everyone has a chance to participate and share their love of book. We are trying to create a community of booklovers all around the world that can be connected via our site The Book Worm.

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We try to challenge readers with our monthly reading competition, challenge them to see how many books they can read in a month, this way we can promote reading and make a fun game out of it.