Cursor Caressor Eraser

Cursor Caressor Eraser is an interactive installation and net artwork contemplating the erotic image and themes of sensuality in time. Caressing gestures of the interactors produce erasures of digital photographic imagery, resulting in visual palimpsests. These erasures thematize temporal dialectics of touch and bodily encounters with others, such as forgetting and remembering, or recognition and strangeness. A simple gesture- a stroke across a touchpad or the movement of a mouse - creates a series of rich variations of bodies in change.

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Nov 6 - 19 2010 23rd Festival Les Instants Vidéo", Marseille, France
Nov 4-6 2010 IDEAS 10, "Art and Digital Narrative" IDMAA Conference, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC
Aug 6 - Sep 19 2010 - in "New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century", MONA Detroit
27-29 July 2010 SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Gallery
22-23 April 2010 Artech 2010: 5th International Conference of Digital Arts
18-22 May 2010 Re-New 2010 Digital Arts Festival

This work is also discussed in Reframing Photography (Routledge, Oct 2010).

Artist team:
Michael Filimowicz (website), Andres Wanner (website), Melanie Cassidy
Technical consultant, sensor technology: Yin He (website)