Dr. Peter Belton 

This site provides information on potential vectors of West Nile virus in BC.  The contents will remain until the owner gets round to updating it.

  • View a PDF map of potential vector distribution. (Overlay by Acroloxus Wetlands Consultancy)

  • View a PDF version of the summary of my assessment of potential vectors in BC.

  • View a PDF list of the mosquito species in BC and adjacent jurisdictions.

Mosquito Notes 2015 promises to be hot and dry with less snow to melt over the entire Province. The floodwater pest Aedes vexans is about in the Lower Mainland and other species that develop in marshes, temporary pools and artificial containers may develop faster at  temperatures above normal.
 The Province is no longer monitoring mosquito populations for West Nile virus and dead susceptible birds, diagnoses in horses or humans or testing by Canadian Blood Services may be our first indication of its presence. Temperatures above average will favour the transmission of this rapidly spreading mosquito-borne disease. For the latest information on this unpredictable disease please check the Provincial and Federal web sites.

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