Brian Wixted (PhD)

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About me

·         Research Fellow with CPROST at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver


·         THECIS Fellow (The Centre for Innovation Studies in Calgary)


I am a researcher and consultant with a focus on the operations of innovation systems at the macro level of research funding systems and economic activity structures with and across regions, industries, nations and the globe. My academic research interests focus on emerging patterns of behavior in economic activity defined loosely by industry or cluster boundaries – but it must be recognized that these terms are fuzzy. My consulting and contract research work focusses mostly on the value and impact of publically funded research.


I have worked for the Australian Commonwealth Public Service on science, technology and innovation indicators analysis (1989-1995) and agricultural and resources science and innovation policy (1995-2000).  Between 2000 and 2004, I was with the AEGIS research centre at the University of Western Sydney, where I was principally responsible for its data analysis of innovation related issues.


This is my academic work related homepage, for private consulting work particularly in the field of innovation systems, research evaluation and impact, and global value architecture analyses I can be contacted at info at


A pdf of my latest CV is available here.


If you wish to get in touch with me or discuss any of my work please contact me at brian_wixted at


Research Domains


My work concentrates on the operation of innovation systems and can be understood as fitting within three research domains.


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Ø  The education, science, technology and innovation systems of particular places and spaces as a production complex and the framework conditions around it:


Ø  The architecture of techno-economic innovation systems:


Ø  Society and technology





May 2013

Commenced working on the British Columbia Component of GEM

April 2013

Completed work on a project for Natural Resources Canada

January 2013

Article submitted to Industrial and Corporate Change

Published 2012-12:

published by SSHRC for SSHRC “Capturing the Impacts” of Research with Catherine Beaudry.

Published 2012-10:

in Prometheus an article on the evaluation of research networks, with Adam Holbrook.

Published 2012:

in the International Journal of Technology and Globalisation an article on the wireless industry development in Alberta.

Published 2012:

in the International Journal of Technology and Globalisation an introduction to a special issue on innovation strategy issues in the global wireless industry.

Published 2012

A book chapter with Adam Holbrook on the interdependencies of Vancouver’s clusters.

Published 2010-10:

An article in the Academy of Management Review (AMR) with Ian McCarthy, Tom Lawrence and Brian Gordon reviewing the multiple dimensions and their relationships present in the strategy concept of velocity.

Published 2009

My book Innovation System Frontiers: Cluster Networks and Global Value.

Published 2004

A journal article in Research Evaluation with Sam Garrett-Jones and Tim Turpin on reviewing the availability of data to compare medical research system outputs.