Costa's Hummingbird in Dunbar, Vancouver, British Columbia
June 2010 - March 2011 and January 2012

Normally found in Baja California, Mexico and southwestern United States, but rarely found in the Pacific Northwest (see records all the way to Alaska below). This individual was recorded in Dunbar (35th Avenue) 20 June until 25 June 2010. We first saw him at our feeder (31st Ave between Crown & Camosun) 15 July (last confirmed sighting was 8 August- at least that was the last time I wrote it down). It was seen again in Dunbar around 34-35th Ave & Pacific Spirit Park all winter until March 2011. An article in the Dunbar Resident Association Newsletter shows it was still there as of January 2012 and Rick Toochin's September 1, 2012 Checklist of the Rare Birds of the Vancouver Area shows it was there until August 2012. We don't know of any sightings for the winter/spring of 2012-2013. Another Costa's was seen in July 2012 in Gibson's B.C. (Also see the BC Bird Alert

This video at our feeder was taken by a visitor July 2010. Russell Cannings visited Dunbar a second time and this time was successful BC big year list.
The bird has been seen and photographed again in Dunbar near Pacific Spirit Park: 25 July, 15 August , and 16 August 2010 and Feb 2011.

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Records of Costa's Hummingbird in Washington state, British Columbia, and Alaska

RARE BIRDS OF THE JUAN DE FUCA CHECKLIST AREA (British Columbia) April 2008 by Rick Toochin Costa’s Hummingbird: 1.(1) adult male April 5-13, 1999: G. Lewis (FN) Sooke 2.(1) adult male April 7, 2007: Rick Toochin et al (photo) Jordan River
Rare Birds of the Vancouver Area, August 2010 by Rick Toochin Costa’s Hummingbird (7)
1. adult male December 27-30, 1973: Wendy Marshall et al (FN) West Vancouver
2. adult male May 17, 1986: WFR et al (RBCM Photo 1132) 20217 McNeil Rd., Sheridan Hill, Pitt Meadows
3. adult male May 19- June 1, 1987: Jim & Nancy Jellet et al (photo) 9299 Braemoor Pl., Burnaby
4. adult male May 2- June 11, 1995: K & R. Bidniak (photo) Dominion Rd., Coquitlum
5. adult male April 26, 1996: Henry Davis (FN) Vancouver
6. adult male June 20-25, 2010: Meg Brown et al (photo) 35th and Camosun Street, Point Grey, Vancouver
7. adult male July 15-29, 2010: Dave Carmean et al (photo) 4018 West 31st Ave., Vancouver (same bird as above?)
hypothetical record: adult male April 29, 1997: fide Don Cecile: Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Jamie Fenneman - April 2008

1.(1) adult male; April 14-17, 1972; Cadboro Bay, Victoria 81 RBCM Specimen 21620 82 RBCM Photo 626 19
2.(1) adult male; December 27-30, 1973; West Vancouver
3.(1) adult male; July 3, 1984; Nanaimo (ph)83
4.(1) adult male; April 13-14, 1985; Gabriola Island
5.(1) adult male; May 17, 1986; Pitt Meadows (ph)84
6.(1) adult male; May 17-19, 1987; Lillooet (ph)85
7.(1) adult male; May 19- June 1, 1987; Burnaby (ph)86
8.(1) adult male; April 21, 1994; Triangle Island
9.(1) adult male; May 2- June 11, 1995; Coquitlam (ph)
10.(1) adult male; April 26, 1996; Vancouver
11.(1) adult male; April 25-May 17, 1997; Cadboro Bay, Victoria
12.(1) adult male; April 29, 1997; Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
13.(1) adult male; April 5, 1999; Sooke
14.(1) adult male; May 15-23, 1999; Sardis, near Chilliwack
15.(1) adult male; April 7, 2000; Ryder Lake, near Chilliwack (ph)
16.(1) adult male; April 27-28, 2000; Brakendale, near Squamish (ph)
17.(1) adult male; April 21-25, 2005; south of Lillooet (ph)
18.(1) adult male; April 7-8, 2007; Jordan River (ph)

Triangle Island 1994- (in 1995 ad in
COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD (Calyptecostae) (95-13) One adult male, Port Coquitlam, 2 June 1995, Larry Cowan (*), Karen Bidniak (ph.).


Calypte costae (Bourcier). Costa’s Hummingbird. An adult male Costa’s Hummingbird observed by many at an Anchorage sugar-water feeder from about 23 July until 17 October 1989 (R. L. Scher, photos) provides the only Alaska record of this species.This desert bird, which breeds from central California to Sonora and Baja California Sur (AOU 1983) is known recently as a casual visitant far north of this range(Roberson 1980, Campbell et al. 1990) culminating, to date, in the Anchorage record. [See note in about hummingbird Summer to October 1989 Anchorage Alaska, then carried by Fish & Wildlife to Seattle and released 10 October 1989-

p0041-p0062.pdf Costa’s Hummingbird Colypte costae, Cordova, [Alaska] 22 October 2003.
Cordova’s first record (and Alaska’s 6th) of Costa’s Hummingbird was present at/near a feeder from 15 September to 1 November 2003. The next winter an adult male Costa’s again appeared in Cordova. This time staying at least until January. On the day of the Christmas Bird Count it appeared at a feeder with an Anna’s, which had gone undetected until that day! This made for the only Alaskan CBC ever to tally 2 hummingbird species.
NAB - North America Birds
Thede Tobis v 61 2007
an imm.Costa's hummingbird reached offshore to Kodiak 26 Aug-mid-Nov(DP,ph. RAM), remarkably a 2nd Kodiak record.


Accepted records to 2009 from Oregon Field Ornithologists
Costa's Hummingbird. Calypte costae. No longer on Review List.
430-72-01 Astoria, Clatsop Co., a male at a feeder on 5 April 1972 (photo by CL). First verified Oregon record.

430-77-02 Portland, Multnomah Co., a male at a feeder on 2 November 1977 (photos by JG, TC, m.ob.).
430-77-03 Roseburg, Douglas Co., a male at a feeder from 11-15 November 1977 (photos by FP).
430-79-04 Mollalla, Clackamas Co., a male at a feeder from 26 June - 26 July 1979 photo by TC, HN).
430-80-05 Florence, Lane Co., a male at a feeder on 31+ January 1980 (photos by MM).
430-80-06 Ashland, Jackson Co., a male at a feeder from 8-14 June 1980 (photos by NS).
430-84-08 Bend, Deschutes Co., a male from 11 May - 27 June 1984 (photos by TC, SJ). See record no. 430-85-10, below.
430-84-09 Newport, Lincoln Co., 1 male on 28 December 1984 at a feeder (KeC).
430-85-10 Bend, Deschutes Co., a male from 10 May - 1 July 1985 (TMi, AMi, OS,photos by TC) May have been same bird as record no. 430-84-08; it was at same feeder.
430-86-11 Roxy Ann Butte, Jackson Co., a male on 2 June 1986 (HN).
430-86-12 Bend, Deschutes Co., 1 male from 26 May - 8 June 1986 (TC, photos by JJo) (same bird as 430-84-08 & 430-85-10?).
430-87-13 Bend, Deschutes Co., 1 male on 31 March - 4+ June 1987 (TC). (Same bird as 430-84-08, 430-85-10, & 430-86-12?).
430-87-14 Tumalo State Park, Deschutes Co., 1 male on 2 May 1987 (TC).
430-87-15 Bend, Deschutes Co., 1 male from 20 - 26 June 1987 (TC). (The observer believed this was a different bird than 430-87-13.).
430-87-16 Klamath Falls, Klamath Co., 1 adult male on 16 June 1987 (photos by SS).
430-88-17 Silver Lake, Lake Co. 1 adult male on 22 May 1988 (PrS).
430-89-18 Cottonwood Creek, Harney Co., 1 adult male on 20 May 1989 (DSw).
430-89-19 Winchester, Douglas Co., 1 male on 5 May 1989 (photos by MS).
430-90-20 Sutherlin, Douglas Co., 1 adult male on 4 April 1990 (JWi, KWi).
430-91-21 Harbor, Curry Co., 1 adult female at nest and eggs June 16-21, 1991 (AB, photos by CD).
430-89-22 Nehalem State Park, Tillamook Co., 1 adult male on 28 May 1989 (BSh).
430-93-23 Sawyer Park, Deschutes Co., one adult male 10-16 May 1993 (CM, SS, TJ).
430-93-24 Florence, Lane Co., 1 adult male 2-12 September 1993 (ZS, TMi, AMi, photo by BS).
430-96-25 Ashland, Jackson Co., 1 adult male 11 February to 7 March 1996 (AF, photos by BLa,CLa).
430-96-26 Klamath Falls, Klamath Co., 1 adult male 11-20 May 1996 (KS).
430-96-27 Grants Pass, Josephine Co., 1 adult male 3-17 November 1996 (DV, photos by CD);
430-99-29 Bend, Deschutes Co., 1 adult male 28 April to 16 June 1999 (photos by DT,JWT).
430-00-30 Bend, Deschutes Co., 1 female on 28 August 2000 (photo by DT,JWT).

Still not annual during summer, single Costa's Hummingbirds appeared at Chiloquin, Klamath 1 July (W Stone) and Portland 3 July (T. Murray). vol 58 #4 2004

Oregon's now annual appearance of Costa's Hummingbird was one at Grants Pass Sept. 20-27 (Vl 52. #1, 1998).

Wes Stone observed a male in 2003 and it returned 2004! Chiloquin May 6, 2007 "I got a brief look at a probable female COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD"

Washington State

The Washington Ornithological Society has published a lot of information. Search
e.g. COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD. One at Shelton Washington on 14 Apr 1989 (COHU-89-1). This report, of a male that appeared for a few hours at a feeder, may well have been correct and matches the occurrence of previous Costa's in Oregon and British Columbia (Baltosser 1989*),but it did not have enough detail for most Committee members to accept it. This report was published (AB 43: 529).
*Baltosser, W.H. 1989. Costa's Hummingbird: Its Distribution And Status. WESTERN BIRDS: 20, Number 2.
COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD. The first definitive record for the state was a male visiting a feeder near Frederickson PI [South of Tacoma, Pierce County] during ~1 Aug to 4 Oct 1998. Details of this bird's visit are given by
Ramsey, B. 1998. Costa's Hummingbird visits Pierce County. WOSNews 57:7.

Costa’s Hummingbird – adult male, Mount Vernon, Skagit County, 16 May 2009, photo: T.Derrer (7,0).
2008 COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD Rare in WA. One reported at Ocean Park Pacific on 5/13 (fide TAv).
2007. COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD Rare in WA. 1 male at Lyle Klickitat from 5/2 to 5/5 (KKa).
2006 COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD Rare in WA. 1 male at Lyle Klickitat from 5/2 to 5/15 (KKa).
2005 COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD Rare in WA. 1 at Vancouver Clark from February to 3/13 (fide SM).
2002 COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD 1 at Redmond King on 5/16 until 5/24 (MW).
2001 COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD Rare in WA, 1 at Richmond Beach King on 4/28 until at least 5/10 (DN) (north of Seattle) Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae) - The second state record visited a feeder at Richmond Beach , on 27 Apr -10 May 2000
Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae). Washington's third Costa's Hummingbird was an adult male at Redmond, King County, 18 - 24 May 2002 (MW, +RS), and the fourth was an adult male at Mount Vernon, Skagit County, 15 - 16 May 2003 (+KW).
WOS ACCEPTED RECORDS at the November 7, 2004 meeting.: Costa's Hummingbird 14 Apr 1989 Shelton

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