Hello SFU Friends!


My name is Colin Fowler, and I’m a third year economics major and business minor running for the position of Vice President of University Relations on the Shift SFU slate, a non-partisan slate with candidates of all beliefs using a collaborative and discussion-based approach to problem solving.  I’ve served as Membership Officer for the Economics Student Society for the past year and Recruitment Chair for Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity.  This has allowed me to represent economics students to the department, design engaging events to bring students to the fraternity, and aid in creating one of SFU’s top career nights.  Throughout my time at SFU, I have consistently been called “dedicated.”  Should I have the honour of being elected, I promise to truly listen to the needs of the campus in addition to carrying out four policies alongside SFU.


I will ensure SFU keeps up with upgrades and maintenance


Many construction projects around SFU are late, such as the education building, while others like the AQ and library would fail during an earthquake. More details can be found in SFU's Five Year Capital Plan, but essentially, buildings are quantified based on safety, maintenance of utilities (such as heating and electrical wiring) and waterproofing, and many buildings on campus such as the AQ, library and Robert C Brown Hall are significantly closer to a 1.0 rating (the worst possible) than the 0.0 rating (the best possible).  I will work with SFU to ensure maintenance and student space upgrades are occurring on schedule to make SFU a modern and safe campus.


I will work with SFU, and others, to bring the Burnaby Mountain Gondola into reality


The Burnaby Mountain Gondola would bring a gondola every 40 seconds, 50% time savings over existing buses and five times the hourly capacity.  Complete details can be found in the 2011 Business Case, but it has a positive benefit-cost ratio in addition to these aforementioned benefits.  Some may question how the 144 and 95 bus riders would be better off as a result of the gondola.  It's something I've though carefully about, and I believe these buses could be rerouted to Production in a snowstorm rather than sent as a shuttle bus up campus.  SFU could become significantly better due to the plethora of accompanying new and inspiring developments on campus, as seen in SFU's official plan for the area.


I will ensure mental health is taken seriously


Wait lists at SFU Health and Counselling for those desperately seeking help are, by some reports, 9 months long.  I will work with SFU to ensure individuals are treated promptly.  I've already planned discussions and meetings with some relevant stakeholder groups in hopes of building a feasible plan.


I will support athletes and athletics


Numerous athletes have told me they want to have the same feeling of community within SFU that they do within the athletics community.  I will work to promote SFU’s Clan and athletes through game day events, better communication of game dates, and televising of athletics games throughout SFU. These are all suggestions heard directly from athletes during discussions.  In addition, throughout North America, college sports are an anchor of social life on campus.  Collaborative work between the SFSS, SFU and sports teams can promote a better sense of community on campus.


I can be reached at cfowler@sfu.ca.


Thank you for your time,


Colin Fowler