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Department of Economics           Email:

Simon Fraser University                    Phone: +1 (778) 782 8504

8888 University Drive             Fax: +1 (778) 782 5944

Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6             Office: WMC 2658 (West Mall Centre)





Recent Papers


“Reforming an Asymmetric Union: On the Virtues of Dual Tier Capital Competition”,

with Andreas Haufler, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 125, 116-127, 2015.


“The Architecture of Federations: Constitutions, Bargaining, and Moral Hazard”,

C. Luelfesmann,  A. Kessler and G.M. Myers, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 124, 18-29, 2015.


“Strategic Shirking in Bilateral Trade”, June 2015.


“Public and Private Provision of Public Goods in Democracy”, 2014.


 Holdups, Quality Choice, and the Achilles' Heel in Government Contracting”,

 with Dieter Bös, 2001.



Journal Publications


Two-Tier Public Provision: Comparing Public Systems,” with Gordon Myers,

Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 95 (11-12), 1263-1271, 2011.


On the Virtues of Privatization when Government is Benevolent”,

  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 64(1), 17-34, 2007.


The Theory of Human Capital Revisited: On the Interaction of General and Specific Investments'',

   with Anke Kessler, The Economic Journal, Vol. 116, 903-923, 2006.


Wealth Constraints and Option Contracts in Models with Sequential Investments”,

  RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 36, 753-770, 2005.


Endogenous Punishments in Agency with Verifiable Ex Post Information”,

  with Anke Kessler and Patrick Schmitz, International Economic Review, Vol. 46, 1207-1231, 2005.


Tiebout and Redistribution in a Model of Residential and Political Choice”,

  with Anke Kessler, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 89, 501-528, 2005.


Research Collaborations with Sequential Investments”,

  Economica, Vol. 71(2), 241-259, 2004.

”Bilateral Bargaining, Unverifiable Quality, and Options to Return”,

  with Anke S. Kessler, Economic Theory, Vol. 23(2), 395-410, 2004.


Economic vs. Political Symmetry and the Welfare Concern w/ Market Integration and Tax Competition”,

  with Anke S. Kessler and Gordon Myers,  Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 87(5-6), 847-867, 2003.


``Fiscal Competition, Redistribution, and the Politics of Economic Integration”

  with Anke Kessler and Gordon Myers, Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 69(4), 899-923, 2002.


Central Governance or Subsidiarity: A Property Rights Approach to Federalism'',

 European Economic Review, Vol. 46(8), 1379-1397, 2002. (pdf discussion paper).


Partial Monitoring, Adverse Selection, and the Productive Efficiency of the Firm”,

 International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 20(8), 1097-1118, 2002.


Monitoring and Productive Efficiency in Public and Private Firms”, with Anke Kessler,

 FinanzArchiv, Vol. 58(2), 167-187, 2002 (pdf discussion paper version).


Team Production, Sequential Investments, and Stochastic Payoffs”,

 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Vol. 157(3), 430-442, 2001.

 (pdf discussion paper vs.)


Incomplete Contracts, Non-Contractible Quality, and Renegotiation”,

 Contributions to Theoretical Economics, Vol. 1 (1), Article 2, 2001,, 46 pages.


``The Hold-up Problem in Government Contracting'', with Dieter Bös,

 Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol. 98(1), 53-74, 1996.




In Preparation


“Tax Exemption and Majority Vote”.

”Contracting and Hold-up in the NFL: Theory and Evidence”, with Darren King and  Simon Woodcock

Preference Alignment, Authority, and Incentives”

Explicit and Implicit Incentives in a Theory of Ownership and Authority”.





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