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Cristina Temenos

Photo Credit: Lindsay Galbraith

Urban Studies Postdoctoral Fellow
SEED University of Manchester


Welcome! My work focuses on policy mobilities, urban social movements, and the politics and practices of public health and drug policies. My work engages these interests through a focus on the geographies of harm reduction drug policy in cities in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. I’m interested in the ways that social movements produce and mobilize knowledge about health, human rights, and social justice to advocate for policy change in cities, and the ways that policy mobilities remake urban spaces and contribute to reconceptualizing contemporary urbanism.

I have an ongoing interest in the discursive construction of urban sustainability and its intersections with various forms of environmentalism and urban social policy. I am a contributing member of the Imagining Urban Futures research collective. Past work has focused on political discourse about solid waste management. I have also worked with SFU’s Medical Tourism Research Group, focusing on provincial responsibilities for aftercare health service provision for medical tourists.


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Book Chapters

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