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Philip L. Marcus

William M. Murphy

J. C. C. Mays

Series Editor

Stephen Parrish

Plays: David R. Clark

Ann Saddlemyer
Jon Stallworthy

Coordinating Editor Jared Curtis
Assistant Coordinating Editor Declan Kiely

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The Countess Cathleen, edited by Michael J. Sidnell and Wayne K. Chapman

The Land of Heart's Desire, edited by Jared Curtis

Diarmuid and Grania, edited by J. C. C. Mays

Collaborative One-Act Plays, 1901–1903 ("Cathleen ni Houlihan," "The Pot of Broth,"
"The Country of the Young," "Heads or Harps" edited by James Pethica

The Hour-Glass, edited by Catherine Phillips

The King's Threshold, edited by Declan Kiely

Deirdre, edited by Virginia Bartholome Rohan

“At the Hawk's Well” and “The Cat and the Moon,” edited by Andrew Parkin (2010)

The Golden Helmet” and “The Green Helmet,” edited by William P. Hogan

"The Dreaming of the Bones" and "Calvary," edited by Wayne Chapman

The Resurrection, edited by Jared Curtis and Selina Guinness (2010-11)

"The Only Jealousy of Emer" and "Fighting the Waves," edited by Steven Winnett

The King of the Great Clock Tower and A Full Moon in March, edited by Richard Cave

Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, edited by Jared Curtis

The Words Upon the Window Pane, edited by Mary Fitzgerald

The Herne's Egg, edited by Alison Armstrong

Purgatory, edited by Sandra F. Siegel

The Death of Cuchulain, edited by Philip L. Marcus (out of print)


The Early Poetry, Volume I: "Mosada" and "The Island of Statues," edited by George Bornstein

The Early Poetry, Volume II: "The Wanderings of Oisin" and Other Early Poems to 1895, edited by George Bornstein

The Wind Among the Reeds, edited by Carolyn Holdsworth

"In the Seven Woods" and "The Green Helmet and Other Poems," edited by David Holdeman

Responsibilities, edited by William O'Donnell

The Wild Swans at Coole, edited by Stephen Parrish

Michael Robartes and the Dancer, edited by Thomas Parkinson, with Anne Brannen

The Tower (1928), edited by Richard J. Finneran, with Jared Curtis and Ann Saddlemyer

The Winding Stair (1929), edited by David R. Clark

Words for Music, Perhaps, edited by David R. Clark

"Parnell's Funeral" and Other Poems from "A Full Moon in March," edited by David R. Clark

New Poems, edited by J. C. C. Mays and Stephen Parrish

Last Poems, edited by James Pethica


“Where There Is Nothing” and “The Unicorn of the Stars,” edited by Wim Van Mierlo (2011)

On Baile's Strand, edited by Declan Kiely (2012)


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