Thanks for the tip [John]. Great Reading. This kind of thing would make a great base for a real alternative campus newspaper. Since I started here in 1967, the Peak has maintained exactly the same mindless narrow one-sidedness. It has been a consistently useless campus newspaper just because of the lack of this kind of dialogue. Of course, if these are just faculty posing as students....well, that might be fun too, although harder to get funded! Good luck to whoever IS behind this endeavor. P. Hobler, Jan. 25, 2005.

Thanks for your site: I appreciate the idea and your thoughtful critiques. Your site demonstrates caring, courage, and a creative flair. It is a welcome addition to campus life! M. Zola, Jan. 26, 2005.

Best laugh I have had for this week...! Say hi and thx to the two wild and crazy Valley Boys: Devi & Doogie (they remind me of the McKenzie brothers). PS. Have them clean up their typos before some "nut" gets all serious over the mispellings ;-). W. Piovesan, Jan. 26, 2005.