Hey Devi, how’s it hangin’?

I’m hangin’ real good Doogie. Where have you been lately? I haven’t seen you in a long time. You’re not still pretending to do research are you?

Don’t be silly, Devi. You know darn well that I’m tenured! But hey… I’m not the only one doin’ nothing, did you notice all the people standing around outside in the cold the other day?

Can’t say that I did Doogie. What are you talking about?

Here, take a look at this pic…

Hey Doogie, isn’t that Davy Cox in the middle of that well-dressed crowd there?

Yeah, sure looks like him. Why does he always have his hands in his pockets like that?

On second thought…don’t answer that question. You know, now that you mention it,

I did notice large crowds of people hanging about the other day. What was that all about?

Well Devi…you may not have noticed, but we had an “official” fire drill.

You don’t say? Well, that accounts for that dang ringing sound in my head. What the

heck do we need a fire drill for anyway? Don’t we work in a concrete building? Does

concrete burn?

Evidently, it does Devi. And how could you have missed the drill? Didn’t you see

all these signs posted randomly throughout the building?

Doogie! This is downright awful! What sort of prankster posts “Male Washroom” signs

randomly throughout a building like this?

Not that sign, you idiot – the other sign! Besides, I think that sign just means you have to wear pants.

Oh (blush). Hmm…looks like an informative sign to me Doogie. I like the idea of

warning people of an impending fire drill. That way, we all know enough to ignore it!

but on second thought, isn’t the purpose of a fire drill to prepare people for unexpected e vents?

That’s my point Devi: What’s the point of having a fire drill if you’re going to announce

it ahead of time?!

I see your point Doogie. I suppose the only effect will be to send the eager beavers outside, which just gives the impression that the community is prepared for a disaster. Those of us with high time costs will likely just ignore it.

You’re catching on, Devi. In fact, here’s what the Economics computer lab looked like during the alarm:

Doogie! What’s wrong with their faces?!

Devi, you know we protect innocent bystanders. Forget their faces, look how they’re ignoring the drill.

OK Doogie, let me get this straight. SFU has fire alarms for a concrete building, but they announce the drills ahead of time?

That’s right.

Doogie, I think don’t think that this even deserves an award. What a waste of time.

Hey…that’ll do Devi…how about the Time-Waste Award?