Hey Devi...do you ever go to the gym to work out?

Sure Doogie...it's the only way I can stay healthly enough to keep smoking.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Well, have you ever noticed anything about the men's locker room, or the door to the men's change room to the pool? Here's a picture of them.

Doogie -- those are nice pics...but so what?

Well Devi, check out the same doors to the women's rooms -- notice any difference?

Hey...look at that! They have an extra sign on them. Do you think this means that an unauthorized female in the men's change room won't be prosecuted?

What else is one to think? I wonder what our transgendered, gender queer, gender deviant and intersex friends at the SFU Human Rights and Equity group would think of this?

You mean the fact that the SFU gym practices a policy which insinuates that only one gender can be expected to behave badly? I'm sure that they would be outraged, Doogie -- at least, if they believe in applying their principles consistently.

I'm sure that you're right Devi. Maybe you should call them up and complain. And while you're at it, can you mention this as well:

This seems like a perfectly sensible sign Doogie -- at least for uptight North Americans that feel shame at the sight of nudity.

Yes, Devi...nothing wrong with the sign. It's just that it's located in the men's changeroom! And it gets worse. Take a look at the sign they posted in the men's change room the other day:

Yeah, I noticed that one -- I had to change in my car that day. It's kind of annoying that men aren't allowed to change in the men's change room when women are working there. Who insisted on posting this sign -- some weird fanatical religious group?

Hey! Be careful there Devi -- I belong to one of those groups!

Oh yeah, I forgot. What are women doing working in the men's change room anyway?

Probably the same thing that tradesmen are doing in the women's change room -- getting work done.

Yeah, I'm sure you're right. All of this sounds so silly to me. Personally, I don't care about those gender-based signs (although, our "gender aware" colleagues on campus should take notice). But if I want to walk around naked in the men's change room, I think I should have that right. The gym shouldn't infringe on the rights of all men just because a few women are "perturbed" at the sight of nudity. Anyway, enough of this. Who gets what award here?

Well, Devi -- I don't like those signs at all (as a human being of the male gender, I feel hurt...can nobody feel my pain?). I think we should award the SFU gym (or whoever strong-armed them into it) our Twisted Gender Policy Award.

Do you mean "twisted gender" policy or "twisted" gender policy?

Shut up.