Hey Doogie (cough, cough) -- what's that awful smell? You been cleaning out the barn again?

Hey Devi...now I know you love the smell o' cowshit...you're probably smellin' this here cig-o-rette!

Wow...I didn't know you smoked...(tobacco, that is.) What's up with this?

Well, I was kind of motivated out of an act of civil disobedience. Can't stand the man tellin' me what to do, ya know. Just take a look at this here sign...

Yep, we shore see a lot o' those these days. So what?

Well, Devi, it seems to me that if you don't want people smokin', you shouldn't have a darn no smokin' sign beside an ashtray.

Doogie, things around here just seem to get worser and worser in terms of Fraser Valley common sense. What will things come to next. Say...looky here...looks like someone's been caught in the act of breaking the law!!

Hey Doogie...well, I'll be danged if that feller there don't look familiar...let's see here if we can zoom in on him...

I don't think you want to do that Devi....

Hey Doogie! That's YOU!!!

Darn...caught in the act. Well, what can I say? I do look good though, don't I?

You're a man's man, Doogie...that's for sure. Say, d'ya think I can borrow that shirt sometime?

Sure thing, Devi...I knows you're a man that appreciates style! But let's get back to the point.

You're right Doogie. What's the point of hangin' a no-smoking sign right over an ashtray...an ashtray
that is located outdoors, for heaven's sake!

Kind a like hangin a "Keep yer eyes off the girlies" in a Surrey bar, I would say.

Jus' don't make no Fraser Valley sense. How bout we give these fellows our prestigious
"Up in Smoke" Award?