Hey Doogie, how's it going?

Not bad Devi, my back's almost normal since you ran into it on the squash court. We've got to stop playing contact squash.

I know. Since I've stopped playing and increased my smoking, I feel great. But Doogie, seriously, have you been to the washroom lately?

That's kind of personal Devi. Why, did someone pee on the toilet seat again?

Well, yeah, but there was the following sign there:

I don't know about you Doogie, but I like the idea of unisex washrooms, but I'm not too impressed with the poster.

Devi, perhaps our readers need some background. In our building the washrooms are private rooms, some for people who wear pants and others for people who wear dresses. Devi, you might not remember, but they initially were unisex washrooms. That experiment lasted about six minutes until someone left a seat up. Let's face it Devi, when it comes to washrooms ... men are pigs. ... or a least some have some pretty bad aim.

I know Doogie, but when you get a few squatters in a men's washroom, the average quality goes up. Did you notice the air freshener? I don't think any guy put that there.

True enough Devi, but what about the women's, oops, I mean the dress washroom? If guys start using that (I hear they have hand cream and a view) what happens to the average quality there? Let's face it, the more people in a washroom, the messier it is.

Yeah, it's the classic prisoner's dilemma if ever there was one.

But Davie, let's think about the poster for a second. Are any of these people prohibited from using the washroom currently?


Since the washrooms are private, there's never anyone else around, so could any transgendered person feel threatened?


And Devi, since, as Milton Friedman explained, builders minimize the cost of plumbing and always put gendered washrooms beside one another to use the same set of pipes, there's no real saving in walking distance.

You're right there.

And, Devi, since many women on campus don't want "standers" using the same toilet, making washrooms gender neutral can't be a benefit to everyone. One is left with the question: what problem are these people trying to solve?

Could it be, Doogie, that this is just a special interest group using this as a way to push forward their own agenda?

You think?

I think. A clear case of advocacy in sheep's clothing.

Shame. I think they deserve the Idiocy Disguised as Advocacy Award.
..what do you think?

Sure, why not.